Over the years I had worked and labor to meet up responsibilities… Till I sat and try to figure out what I call RESPONSIBILITIES.

I was locked in a rat race pre-planned by the world system where what you label as responsibilities are actually woven around “I don’t want the world to see me as a failure”
This syndrome is a life sucking syndrome, it actually makes you live life not on your terms but what the “world” sees as standard.

The word “world” in this context is actually what you define as your world. You will always be trapped in this rat race till you sit, think and decide to live life based on your terms.

Never let the world push you too hard, be very vigilant about those you always try to please. A simple life style is far from being poor and likewise a flamboyant lifestyle is not equal to wealth.

Just a small insight for the weekend. Have a sweet weekend.


Credit: Steve Olufemi Sodiya