Holy Ghost Congress Day 5

Theme: Songs of Victory

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Text: Exodus 15: 1-3


There are two important words; Songs and victory.

Songs: when God created man the original plan of God is that man sings His praise. Everything God created is to give Him to pleasure Revelation 4:11

Genesis1:31 when God created everything He looked around and there was no one to praise HIM; so HE praised HIMSELF. God created you to praise HIM that is why man is a singing animal. You can know what a man is going through by the songs his sing.

Victory: to win, to overcome in a contest or war. Has a child of God you need to know you have determined enemy; he wants to steal, kill and to destroy John 10:10 but thank God you have an ally that is determined to fight for you(Jesus)

Ephesians 6:12 Your enemy has organized army but the goodnews is your ally is far superior to him Psalm 24:7-10 The bible calls HIM the Lord of host, even the devil has to take permission from HIM.

I want to talk to you about the techniques of your adversary the devil

#1. When the devil likes to attack, the time he loves most to attack is when you are celebrating 1 Samuel 18: 5-11, Joshua 7:16-26, 2Kings 2:9-24. The point I am trying to make you understand is that when you are celebrating, keep on praying. Prayer: Tonight, if there is anything the enemy has planted in you, it will be gone.

#2. When the devil wants to attack directly, he does it massively. Exodus 14:5-28, 2Chronicles 20:1-25 Almighty God made a promise Isaiah 59:19; it doesn’t matter the enemies that come against you now, none of them will remain by morning.

#3. At times the devil doesn’t attack directly, he attack in a subtle way. Ephesians 6:11 Many at times the one that is fighting you, you don’t know how to fight back.

1Samuel 24:1-6. In 1Samuel 25:1-11 David told us how to do it.

Prayer: if you are being attack by someone you can’t fight, God will fight the battle for you.

Prayer: Every family member blocking your way, I decree, if they don’t repent, they will die before the new year.

#4. When the devil wants to fight at times he uses a combination of forces. Matthew 10:36, Judges 15:1-19

Prayer: Every law that ought to be suspended for you receive breakthrough shall suspended in Jesus name

Prayer: Every family member that is expecting you to die, from now on they will be frustrated. Every external enemy if they don’t run they will die.

#5. One of the most used attack of the devil: If the devil tries every means of attack and fails he tries to turn God himself against you (he cause them to sin). What do you do when your ally becomes your enemy? Numbers 23: 1-23 Numbers 25:1-9

There is something called the final victory. The bible tells us the final enemy that is to be defeated is death. Your victory is not complete until you make it to heaven. 2Timothy 4:7-8 Revelation 15:2-3. Our victory is only absolute until we make it to heaven.

Prayer points:

#1. Praise the Almighty God you are still alive today

#2. Father, all the enemies within please deal with them yourself, your own way

#3. Father, as for the external enemies, those who will not repent among them, arise and scatter them

#4. Father, make your wall of fire round me and all mine, so that I can remain solid

#5. Father, please don’t let me be my own enemy

#6. Father, let me enjoy peace from now on. Even in the presence of my enemies.

#7. Father, please let me finish well

#8. Personal prayer request



The theme for January 5 Holy Ghost Service is STRONGER THAN YOUR ENEMIES