ABBA FATHER PART 7: Pastor E.A Adeboye


Prayer: Father before the year ends fulfill all your promises in my life


Gen 1:26-28


There are two fathers


Overall Father- James 1:17

Father of lies (Satan) John 8:44


If you are child of the Overall God you are a light Mathew 5:14, John 1: 5

If you are child of God you have the right to rebuke all curses. In other words you have the right to command evil forces to be disgraced. Isaiah 55:16-18


If you are the child of the devil you will be doing what the devil is doing; stealing, lying

If you are child of devil you risk being destroyed with the devil 1 John 3:8

How to know a child of God and child of devil

The child of God does not commit sin 1John 3:9-10

The son of the devil will always go back to sin. 2Timothy 2:19

If you are still living in seen give your life to Christ so that God can be your father


What God can do

The Lord has many names Psalm 24:7-10, Rev 19:16, Psalm 136:2, Gen 17:1

Of all God’s name He prefers to be known as Father Mathew 6:9. 24 John 10:29 John 14:2

The Father reserves the right to decree. Whatever the Father says about a child will happen to the child. Psalm 33:8-9, Isaiah 55:10-11, Numbers 30:3-5.

When it comes to barrenness God can cancel any cause that has been pronounced on any one by anyone to be barren 2kings 2:19-22

When it comes to barrenness God responds positively to cancel it.

Barreness is not just about having children there can be mental barrenness, financial

God loves fruitfulness. He loves children and wants them around Him. Matthew 3:16-17 Mathew 19:14. Mathew 18:10

In Gen. 1:28 God want us to produce children and He is the one that supplies them. John 15:1-5 The branches cannot produce fruits unless it’s supplied nutrients from the vine

God appreciates the fruitful, bless them and grant them access to the club of the joyful John 15:2, 2kings 4:8-17

God hates barrenness because He wants many children. Barrenness is an obstruction to divine desire. That is why He remove any mountain that cause barrenness.  Exodus 14:1-28, Joshua 6:1-20, 1Samuel 17:45-51, Mark 11:12-14.20-23

God is a God of joy. He hate sorrow. He doesn’t like people weeping Psalm 16:11 Rev 7:17 Rev 21:4 Luke 7:11-15 Psalm 123:3

What God expects

He expects you to look to HIM alone because He alone can do it Gen 30:1-2. Sooner or later he will remember you. Rev.3:7

Keep yourself pure when you are looking to God 1Peter 1:15 Luke 1:5-6


Prayer Points

Father if there is any cause hindering my fruitfulness cancel it tonight.

Father whatever is missing in my life that is not allowing me to be very fruitful, supply tonight.

Father, I want to join the club of those whose joy are full.

Father every tree of barrenness in my life, cause it tonight.

Father I don’t want just one breakthrough, I want many.

Father turn my captivity tonight and fill my mouth with laughter

Seek the grace to commit yourself to God in purity, holiness and faithfulness.

Lord have mercy me.