TEXT: 1John 4:4, 2Corinthians 4:7


God will protect His own – Zechariah 2:5. God will defend you – Joshua 10:6-11

God will defend you even on earth – Numbers 16:34-36, Judges 16:18-31

If God is not in you, then you have no value so the enemy can do whatever he likes with you because you have no treasure. – Judges 16:16-21


If you have not given your life to Christ, come before Him now. It is either you are a treasure to God or you are of no value to Him. The ball is in your court. Choose Now!


When God is in heaven He takes control.

When God begins to move the earth trembles – Psalm 18:6-7

When God passes by Miracles happens Mark 10:46

When God arrives at where is going earthquake happens – Acts 16:25-39

I want you to imagine what happens when God comes to a place and decides to stay put – Colossians 1:27

If God decided to come and well in you, there is only one thing you can expect from Him; that is Glory.


Prayer – Father, King of Glory come and dwell in me permanently


When Jesus comes into you it means the Great healer has come to dwell. When He is passing by He heals – Mark 5:35 John 9:1-7 Mark 2:1-12


Prayer – Father, thou the Lord that healeth, come and reside in me.


Christ in you means you have a resident protector. When He travels He doesn’t travel alone – Psalm 22:1-10 Revelation 19:14. When an army came to arrest Elisah, he prayed that God should open his eyes and he sees chariots 2Kings 6:8-17

When Christ dwells in you, He will not only protect but also those that are around you.


Prayer – Father, Lord of Host abide with me


If Christ is dwelling in you it means you have a resident life in you – John 11:25

If death comes knocking you just tell the resurrection and the life to go open the door and death will back off. – 1Kings 17:17-24 2Kings 4:18-37. If Jesus is dwelling in you, you don’t have to send for Him because he is already inside.


Prayer – Father, the resurrection and the life, come and dwell in me


If the greater one is dwelling in you it means you have the resident faith, the Jesus kind of faith – Hebrews 12:2. If the author of faith dwells in you then your faith is not ordinary, it is the kind of God faith – Mark 11:23, Mark 9:23. The faith that would compel God to do something for you.


Prayer – Father, that kind of faith that can move mountains, let it dwell in me


If Christ is dwelling that means you have in you residence peace – Isaiah 9:6

If he is dwelling in you have the kind of peace the bible says that passes all understanding Philippians 4:7 Mark 4:35-41


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