DAY 8 Thursday 18th Jan 2018



  • Intense praise and worship


  • Ask God for mercies for the past acts of non-commitment


  • Pray that you will be more available for God use this year. 2Timothy 2:21


  • Pray that our churches home and abroad will be supportive of Daddy G.O in mission out reaches programmes. 2 Cor. 6:1


  • Pray that they will be more passionately involved in missions, evangelism, church planting and discipleship this year. Matthew 28:19


  • Pray that they will do this by the anointing of the HolySpirit. Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8;


  • Ask the Lord to send more (Labourers) missionaries to un-reached people groups. Matthew 9:37-38, Mark 16:15.


  • Pray that the Church will have willingness and passion to commit more resources to missions, support and empowering of missionaries.