TEXT: PSALM 30: 1-5


Prayer Points

Father, please speak to me tonight

Father, please answer me today

Father, if nobody will praise you, I will praise you tonight…Go ahead and praise the LORD.

Father, I hereby declare, my own will not be impossible with YOU

Touch the ground wherever you are, raise those hands and say Father, from now on these hands raised unto you are hands of victory. Then touch your head with your hand.

Father, I will obey completely, please open the door to my victory.

Father, give me the grace to fully restitute my ways. Everything I need to restitute Father please remind me.

For fifteen minutes go before the Lord and talk to HIM about the battles you are facing. Pray intensively that the tide must change and your joy must come.


The Lord of host will answer your prayers. Before the sun rise you will shout for victory. Amen

Final Blessings: This month will be a month of victory. The Lord will give you financial victory, physical victory, marital victory, career victory; He will give all round victory. The spirit of indebtedness will leave you alone. In Jesus name we have prayed. Amen


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