#1. Father, give me power to subdue, have dominion and reign in the year 2018.

#2. Every situation that has brought shame into my life in the year 2017 will not follow me into the New Year; it will end now in Jesus name.

#3. Sickness and terminal disease will not hinder me from fulfilling my destiny in the year 2018.

#4. Father, in the year 2018, protect me and my household from any accident, danger, harm and hazard.

#5. Father, protect me and my family from the hands of the enemies in the New Year.

#6. Father, no weapon formed against me shall prosper in the New Year in Jesus name.

#7. Father, be merciful unto me and my household in the New Year.

#8. Father, when I need you the most, do not forsake me

#9. Father, I will not come across wrong people that would lead me to destruction in the year 2018.

#10. Father, connect me with the right people that would help me in the year 2018

#11. In the name of Jesus, my light will shine in the New Year.

#12. Father, grant me wisdom to excel in the year 2018.

#13. Father, make every crooked way straight for me and my household.

#14. Father, by your power, I terminate every satanic appointment with death in my life.

#15. Worship and Praise the Lord for answered prayers.