Let’s take as primary passage John 10:27: My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  

Jesus is telling us there that we know His voice, if we are His. I will share an illustration from the Old Testament,1 Samuel 3:8: Then the LORD called Samuel a third time. So he got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am, for you called me!” Eli then realized that it was the LORD who was calling the boy


“Samuel was under the leadership of Eli the high priest as a young boy, God began to speak to him. At first, when he heard someone call out his name, he ran to Eli, because the voice sounded like his. But the old priest told he hadn’t called him, and Samuel went back. He heard the same voice two more time, and on each occasion, however, the priest perceived that it was God who was trying to talk to young boy, so he taught him how to answer. “When you hear the voice again, say, “Speak Lord. Your servant hears.” And so, when God called Samuel again, he did as Eli had instructed and God gave him a message.”


Dear friends, God still talk to us today; in fact, He does everyday! It beats some people’s imagination, when they hear someone say, “God talked to me.” But the truth is, God loves to talk to His children. If you’ve never heard Him, maybe you’ve not been listening. Or it’s possible that you didn’t know it was Him, because when He talk to you, He uses a voice and language you’re familiar with. He won’t use a voice you are not familiar with!


To enjoy this amazing experience, you need to train yourself to recognize His voice. The more you study and familiarize yourself with the word of God, the easier it is for you to hear, recognize and respond when He speaks to you! [Prov 6:20-22; Isaiah 30:21; Matt 10:27]

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We love and appreciate you in Christ!

Love regards,

Pastor Lea