Whenever we get frustrated with Life, it’s because we do not precisely KNOW where we are and/or where we are going. Said differently, we lack INFORMATION, and that’s what gets us in a frustrated state of being.

How can we ever expect to Live a Happy Life if we don’t know what makes us Happy?

We basically can’t live a happy life until we know our unique passion (gift) in Life. That thing that motivates us to better ourselves and the world in which we live.

As Mr. Pablo Picasso said: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

We have to find our Gift and we have to share our Gift with the whole wide world, so that we benefit ourselves as much as the world around us. And to do that we have to KNOW OURSELVES.

How can we get to live our Desired Life if we don’t know what that Desired Life looks like in the first place?

We have to be Imaginative, to KNOW how our Ideal Life looks like and to place ourselves in Present Tense, as we are already living that Life. As we do that and commit ourselves to that Ideal, our Life will start to shape itself and become that which we wish it to be.



KNOW that you have a Gift.

KNOW that your Gift is the thing around which you should center life.

KNOW your unique Gift.

KNOW how your Gift will benefit the world around us.

KNOW how to use that Gift in a way that it benefits you as much as it benefits everyone else.

KNOW that your Gift can and will create Heaven on earth for you.

KNOW that you are a unique part of God as much as everyone else around you is.


Do you KNOW?

You have to answer it only for yourself, and no one else.


BY – Ciprian Buzatu