Who doesn’t want blessings? Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? Who doesn’t want to have complete happiness? Who doesn’t want to have contentment?

It is of people’s nature to answer those questions without hesitation, ‘I want’. We all want to be blessed, successful, happy and content in life. Most of us ask the next follow up question “How?” How can we gain all this things?

As I grew up in a Christian family one of my favorite verse is from Matthew 6:33.  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


What a beautiful promise it is.

In more than 20 years of existence here on earth I have experienced God’s goodness in my life. Miracles happen and prayers have been answered. But this year 2017 is really a great revelation to me. This year I have been so dependent in the will of God. I have plans of course but still I allow myself to be fully submitted in his will and plans for my life. Here are some of the things I can experience and can testify how great is out God.

  1. To resign or not? To get pregnant or not?
    I have resigned from my regular day job with hesitation and doubts that I will become financially burdened but still I follow what God says to me to stop working so I can bear a child. And guess what after a month I became pregnant!
  2. Financially stable
    God’s faithfulness still continues after I get pregnant. Sales of my husband from his job have gone wild having 5 condominium units sold in a month!!! And consistent sale every month. So overwhelming indeed. I also got a chance to work and earn from home. Doing online business and online jobs I get to add something in my savings account.
  3. Passed the Civil Service Exam
    This is my second try to take the exam and prayed that hopefully I will pass this time because I really wanted to work in a government institution. Blessed beyond measure, God granted the desire of my heart and he allows me to pass the exam!!!

Those are just a few of my experiences this year, being blessed by God beyond measure brings a joyful tears in my eyes. He is really worthy to be praised and He alone can answer all our questions on “How to be blessed, to be successful, and to be happy and content”

I pray and hope all of us was able to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and experience this wonderful things in our life here on earth.


Blessed day everyone!

-xoxo Loraine @loraine