What is Failure?


Failure is that pesky reality check given to us when we haven’t fulfilled the necessary requirements for the thing wished into Existence.

Failure is thought of to be a negative thing, but I OBJECT!


Failure is one of the greatest things there is. It teaches us how to succeed and it also tells us when we’re not on the right path of achieving what we desire in life.



  • If you are working on a 9 to 5 schedule and you are not happy with your Life, then your are FAILING.

Isn’t it a great thing? Isn’t failure there for you to remind you that you’re not Living the Life you’re supposed to Live? Isn’t it just being a dear friend letting you know that you should pursue other things, like your Happiness?

  • If you are poor and discontent with your own Life, you are FAILING.

Isn’t failure a great thing here also? Isn’t it just a reminder of how much more great your Life could be?

  • If you start a goal-setting challenge and you don’t achieve the given goals, you are FAILING.

This is what I did. I Failed. And it taught me that I may have started a bit too hard with myself in the Challenge. It taught me that you can’t do something for the first time and expect to be the best at it from the get-go.

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The Problem with Failure

  • Failure because a problem when we Fail and we get unmotivated to persist in what we’ve started.
  • It becomes a problem when we start Failing and then just stop because we don’t think we can succeed anymore.
  • Failure is a problem when we’re not persistent with the achievement of our desires.

But when we are persistent and commit to our Goals, Failure becomes one of our greatest Teachers. As we walk the road towards success, it guides us straight for it. When we divert from our goal and start pursuing some other thing, Failure come in and lets us know that we’re not persistent anymore.


BY- Ciprian Buzatu