To Change Our Perspective is to Change Ourselves which Changes Our World


Change of Perspective


We have no responsibility to change anything or anyone in this World but Ourselves. In fact, no matter how much we try to change the world outside of us by engaging with the “bad ideas“, we will always fail.

The only responsibility for change that we have is towards Ourselves. We have to embody the exact behavior that we wish everybody else to perform.

When we take on this Perspective, we become self-empowered to the point where we are the Masters of our own Destiny.


Change of Self


The exterior world is just a reflection of our Inner World. We have no power for Change when we try to escape the daily circumstances in which we find Ourselves.

The only Power for Change and the Greatest Power for change is one and the same; It’s our ability to Change Perspective. To change our Point of View. To change the way in which we Perceive our external circumstances.

When we recognize that, we turn to Inward Change that will in time reflect as Outward Change.

Healthy Perspective

When we come into contact with those “bad ideas“, we have to embody the right Perspective, which is:

  1. We have no power over him/her so do not promote him/her in any way, be it negative or positive. Ignore that person altogether, if possible.
  2. Do not engage with that place whatsoever. Not with attention, nor actions, nor words.
  3. Do not buy their products, nor talk about them, nor engage in negative speech about them.
  4. Same thing here, don’t feed the trolls with your negativity or positivity towards the idea of pineapple on pizza.
  • So on and so forth


Do not fight the old, because when we do that we simply reinforce it’s place in our world.

Instead, let’s build the New, which is much better than the Old, because we have learned from that which once Was so that we may build that which shall Be.


BY- Ciprian Buzatu