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The phenomenon of bad breath spread among many people, and the reasons and methods of treatment depending on the severity of the problem.


Causes of bad breath

In order to get rid of bad breath, we first need to identify the causes. These are usually different from one person to another. Treatment methods vary according to the individual causes of each case. When the causes are treated properly, the condition of the mouth odor will improve as a natural result.

1 – The smell of mouth and cleanliness of teeth
Neglecting or cleaning the mouth, gums and teeth may be the main cause of bad breath, so following the right methods at the right pace may solve the problem drastically. Failure to do so may result in the accumulation of food residues between the teeth:
The appearance of bad breath that can only be eliminated by cleaning the teeth well.
2 – The smell of mouth and nutrition
The food you eat every day may cause bad breath, and this may happen when you eat a strong aroma like onion, garlic and spices, drink strong-smelling beverages such as alcohol or coffee and accumulation of food continuously between the teeth and for long periods.
3 – The smell of mouth and dental treatments
Sometimes the patient may resort to some therapeutic and cosmetic solutions that may cause the appearance of foul odor, such as: Neglect cleaning dentures, Neglect cleaning of orthodontic devices.
This may lead to the accumulation of bacteria and thus the appearance of bad breath.


4 – Smell of mouth and smoking
Smoking and the consumption of any tobacco product of any kind may cause one of the following: The appearance of bad breath. The emergence of many problems of gums and teeth.
5 – Mouth odor and health problems
Some oral health problems can cause bad breath, including: Dry mouth, saliva works to clean the mouth and get rid of food leftovers, and when the salivation is decreased, there is a deficiency in this function, which leads to the emergence of bad breath.
6 – Injury to mouth, teeth and gums with infection, infections or ulcers.
Some diseases not directly related to the mouth, such as pneumonia, sore throat, sinus, esophageal reflux and others.

Taking certain types of medications may lead to: Dry mouth, The secretion of chemicals affects the smell of the mouth.

Ways to get rid of bad breath


Halitosis can be eliminated by making some changes that will have a significant impact, including:

  1. Drink plenty of water, and do not neglect taking your daily intake of it.
  2. Follow a proper dental hygiene routine, this includes:
  3. Use a toothbrush at least twice a day, using the appropriate toothpaste for your teeth and gums and for a minimum of two minutes.
  4. Use the dental floss at least once a day, and insert it and move it between the teeth in the right way.
  5. Use the mouthwash once or twice a day and gargle for about 30 seconds.
  6. Brush cleaning only does not guarantee access to all areas of the oral cavity, but with a mouthwash containing a toothpick extract, you will be able to do so. % Of the oral cavity and cleans it and eliminates the bacteria and bacteria that cause bad breath, not only that, but also reduces the risk of gum problems and teeth.
  7. Use a special brush to clean the tongue daily.
  8. Visit your dentist regularly to do the necessary swirling tests and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.
  9. Reduce the consumption of strong-smelling foods, especially before important dates, such as garlic, onions, cheese and sausages which may remain in the mouth for a long time.


If your mouth odor problem persists, check with your dentist to see if there are health problems or other illnesses you need to treat.
If you do not get rid of the problem of bad breath, despite following all the above mentioned tips, your doctor may resort to surgical solutions or laser treatments.