1.) Pick a dear goal. Ideally not that big because it’ll take you a bit longer to achieve. Set a date, ideally in less than 30 days.

2.) Ask yourself: What would my reasons be for why I can’t achieve it? Basically we’re looking for your hidden excuses here. They’re the reason why you gave up achieving your dreams in the past!

3.) Imagine yourself having a chat with Nick, Tony, Rick or Dick and telling them the reasons you came up with. 2. Just imagine what they’ll tell you, the faces they’ll make, how hard they’ll laugh! (I know you’ll feel a bit ridiculous, but that’s precisely where the power lies)

4.) Determine yourself to achieve it. And do it publicly, to a friend, spouse, parent. This is extremely powerful.

5.) Do it. Remember, a little every day goes much further than trying to do everything in one day, and then nothing.

6.) Watch yourself during these 30 days. Pay attention to how you feel, what your reactions are, what limiting thoughts jump at you, etc.

ENJOY your victory! The best thing you can do here is to internalize how it feels to beat your excuses, your “I can’t” logical reasons. That feeling will come handy next time you’re going after a goal.


-Gonzalo Arzuaga