Aliko Dangote

1. You dedicate most of your time to building one thing. Others split their time between many things.


2. You understand that feeling bored is a sign that you need to work through the resistance. Others see boredom as an indication to, yet again, start something new.


3. You do, while others plan.


4.You have a clear goal/s AND a system. Others have either or, or neither.


5. Your primary mode of action is to exert. Others are in either ‘ordinary’ or ‘retreat’ mode.


6. You understand yourself and speak your truth. Others will continue to strengthen and embellish their masks.


7. You understand the significance of money, and you will seek new means to increase income. Others see the pursuit of money as gauche, instead solely aiming to reduce expenses.


8. You understand how the concept of compound interest applies to your work output (as well as money invested) and will see the fruits of this accumulation after five years. Others will see little change in their results after this time.



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