#1. Oh Lord preserve me and my family from the end of the year storm

#2. Father, none of my family member would suffer road accident

#3. Father, destroy every curse that is still hanging in my life

#4. Father, release every blessing of 2017 that am yet to receive.

#5. Father, restore in double fold, every blessing that have lost in the course of the year.

#6. Father, by your mercy, shatter every plot of the enemy to ruin my joy.

#7. Father, provide for me and my family all that we need to celebrate this festive season.

#8. Father, give me and my family an end of the year gift.

#9. Father, help me to settle all financial debts; I don’t want to carry it into the new year

#10. Worship and Praise the Lord for 10 minutes

As you pray, God shall grant your request in Jesus name. Amen.